Tolanibaj slams

Reality TV star, Tolanibaj has given a savage response to those criticizing her decision to become a Disc Jockey (DJ).

The former Big Brother Naija star and YouTuber, who recently announced that she’s now a DJ, took to her Twitter page to slam those berating her new-found career.

Tolanibaj slams

According to her, she finds it appalling whenever she reads vile comments from grown men and women about her career path, and wonders why people who can barely feed criticize hardworking celebrities on the internet.

She further told those who don’t have positive or encouraging things to say to her to desist from commenting on her page.

DJ Tolanibaj wrote,

“If you think your negative comments will discourage my new DJ career path, you’ve thought wrong.

It’s also baffling when I read vile comments from grown men & women who ought to be ashamed of themselves.

You troll hardworking public figures online when you have no food on your table? Idiots

If you have nothing encouraging to say to a person, learn to keep your dirty mouth shut. Avoid projecting your misery onto others.”

A while back, Tolani Baj revealed she absolutely love living a simple life and she gave a very copious reason to backup her words.

She wrote on her snapchat ;

I love living a simple life.

Imagine tryna be a Lekki big girl hahahahaha

Some of y’all faves are depressed because they can’t keep up with the luxe lifestyle that they’ve created online but can’t afford in real life.

Must be exhausting to constantly feel like you’re in a competition.

Elemi loma last.

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