Budding Disc Jockey, Tolani Baj has given men pointers on how to get a woman’s attention this year.

Taking to her official Twitter page, the 28-year-old influencer advised men to do something unique for any woman they are interested in to stand out from their numerous admirers.

According to her, something as simple as gifts and money was enough to be different from the other men in the crowd.

She tweeted;

“If you like a babe, send her gifts and send her money. Simple
This is the easiest way to stand out from the rest of the men in her dms.
Stop wondering why she isn’t showing any interest.
It’s 2023. Wake up”

A while back, Tolanibaj revealed she absolutely love living a simple life and she gave a very copious reason to backup her words.

She wrote on her snapchat ;

I love living a simple life.

Imagine tryna be a Lekki big girl hahahahaha

Some of y’all faves are depressed because they can’t keep up with the luxe lifestyle that they’ve created online but can’t afford in real life.

Must be exhausting to constantly feel like you’re in a competition.

Elemi loma last.

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