A content creator of the name, @Lizzberh_xx throws the multi-dollar question at people of the opposite sex as she weighs in on the double standard in the society.

According to her, this reasoning came when she listened to the talk on cheating between men and women and the effects it has on both sexes.

She wonders who the men will cheat with if the women refuses to sleep around again. She however rejects any future accusation of her being the reason women cheat or find a reason to.

The content creator’s view has sparked a reaction from netizens who try to give an answer to the question. Read:

@jehakandankof: She nail it on the head! 😂

@milaonthegram2022: They will just sleep with other men!! Is already happening 😂😂

@nnanyi_kudos: 😂😂😂😂😂😂. In summary, both parties are the doing the same. Let me clear you, married women should not sleep around not single ladies or girls.

@razarch: The truth is that we are sexually and emotionally primitive


@degeneral_fansmily: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… African culture permits men to sleep with as many women as possible… Only a disciplined man/men will respect their woman and stick to their woman… Only a f00lish man will sleep around… But, when men are loyal, trust me, they deserve plenty plenty accolades… #mypiece

@resilientvee: Dear women, let’s all go on strike. “We” are not doing again.

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