Josh2Funny shares

Instagram comedian, Josh2Funny has got a lot of people talking after he shared a hilarious throwback of him pushing water truck(Meruwa).

Josh2funny with the real name, Chibuike Josh Alfred jumped into the online skit limelight locally around 2015 but has gone on to become acknowledged globally.

His trend setting skits were one of the highlights of the lockdown as a result of the pandemic across countries of the world.

Everybody knows him as the Nigerian Instagram comedian who started the #DontLeaveMe challenge and the #AllMyGuysAreBallers trend. But nobody really knows the story of the talented comedian.

Josh has recently gone on to reveal his humble beginnings in a social media post.

The social media sensation took to his Instagram page to post a short video of some throwback pictures with the caption, “we may not be where we want to be, but we’ve come a long way. No jokes, I don #RevvUp my hustle. If I hear say person laugh! Oya, drop your own Before & After pictures let’s post and laugh #revvupChallenge”.

See photos below;

The short video showed pictures of Josh2Funny as a water truck pusher (Meruwa), a struggling musician with a guitar, and a producer in a makeshift studio. It then ended with a recent video of him now.

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