Controversial Nigerian investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has in a recent tweet on her Twitter page said ladies who hail from the South Eastern part of the country are the least educated females in the country.

According to Madam Kemi, the reason for this is because Igbo female icons don’t empower their kind enough and as such, they’re still fazed with the housegirl and street prostitute mentality.

She says female icons who hail from their ethnicity, forget the girls in the village, however, ladies like controversial blogger, Blessing Okoro —who was caught flaunting another man’s house as hers a while back— are changing the narrative.

She wrote on her page,

Igbo girls are the least educated in Nigeria. The HOUSEGIRL and street prostitute mentality is still there. Igbo female icons don’t empower their women enuff. Once they reach the top, they forget the girls in the village. People like Blessing Okoro are changing that.



  1. Why is this old woman the only person that makes and empty noise in this country, why not just respect yourself for once, the world is crying, why not help pray for the world, instead of opening your stinky sily mouth everyday to create problem for others on social media, Goh we are tired of you ma

  2. Did I just read where this crack head Kemi Olunloyo said “Igbo girls are the least educated in Nigeria …” See what one year prison incarceration has done to her. She has really gone to the gutters with all her new eye catching banner headlines that lack data and substance


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