Nollywood actor, Sam Nnabuike has taken to social media to criticize Igbo mothers who are in the habit of telling their daughters to bring wealthy suitors home.

Actor, Sam Nnabuike

According to the actor, this must stop because it is preventing ladies from investigating the source of a man’s wealth before accepting to marry them.

He wrote,

“This is in no way to discredit the millions of many hard-working and illustrious Igbo women scattered on the surface of this earth, but then a critical and holistic approach has to be taken to educate the Igbo girl child.

In most Igbo homes, mothers sternly push the narratives & are too keen on the specification of whom their daughters are allowed to date or bring back home as a suitor. Igbo mothers if need be will daily echo in their daughter’s ears how they must bring home a stinkingly wealthy man, And disappointingly, a lot of them are not concerned or are interested in investigating the source of the man’s wealth. This must stop.”

See his post below,

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