Infamous cleric, Bishop Daniel Obinim has once again made a statement that has stirred controversy among his followers and critics alike.

The founder and leader of International God’s Way Church, says he has performed lots of angelic and spiritual things that are mind bubbling that beats what Jesus Christ and all the prophets did in the Bible.

Bishop Obinim who was giving a sermon at the Tema branch of his church revealed that Jesus Christ only transformed himself three times and He(Jesus) said his followers will do more than he did because his life was short lived on Earth.

The controversial man of God emphasized that no Prophet in the Bible has done miraculous things that he has been able to do because they all had different directions or path.

In his words ;

“Jesus said ‘the Miracles am performing, the wonders and the signs; Those who believe in me, you can perform more than that’.Jesus was making reference to this that he didn’t have enough time so he curtailed his time. He worked for about 3 and a half years then he left but those of us now we have more time. I Angel Obinim, I have worked for so many years more than that of my father and the miracles, the angelic performances, the wonders and signs that I have performed; they are countless because I have enough time.”



  1. If only u know, the Bible record of Jesus’ miracles is below half of what He did on earth.. The miracles He performed as a kid, as a youth and many of the ones that aren’t in the bible… Infact, The Miracle of dieing for our Sins and Resurrecting alone is greater than u can ever fathom, let alone perform… Its greater than all u claim to have done, combined… Infact! The Fact that ur alive is a miracle.. Oga, can u turn water to wine?(John 2,1-11) Oga, can u feed 5000 men? (Matt 14,13-21)Oga, can you preach to Thousands of people without Microphone? (Mat. Ch. 5,6&7) Oga, can u give anyone life?(John 11,1-44).. Oga, can u walk water?(Matt. 14,22-32). Oga, can u teleport?(Luke 24, vs 31).. Oga, can u become invincible?(John 10 vs 39) Oga, can u fly? (Acts Ch1 vs 9)
    So tell me Sir, the ones U claim to have done, did u d it by your power or u were used in performing them?.. Whose Spirit is in U? Remember on ur own u can do nothing… If Truly you are of God, then all u have done weren’t really done by u… Jesus did them through u.


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