IK-Ogbonna-Sonia-Morales-married (1)Nollywood Actor turned Model, IK Ogbonna who recently did a low key wedding ceremony in Belgrade, Serbia on June 29th this year and there matrimony has already been blessed with a child, he revealed how he met his Colombian hottie wife, Sonia!

How did IK’s love story with the mother of his son start? Read what the handsome actor told NET recently:-

‘Basically a friend of mine met me on set and we were talking about me finding a woman, and I think at that time I was out of a relationship and he was trying to advise me to look for someone and I was not even in a hurry to look for someone. I basically asked God to direct me to someone I want to be with because I really don’t enjoy the habit of changing women. When I date someone, I date you with perspective of future, I have the consciousness of, you know, wifing you once I start dating you, but the whole dating process is to understand if you are compatible and see if you can live together.’

Speaking further, he hinted that, ‘I am not really a fan of divorce. So I have always been someone that would be very careful to choose a wife to make sure that she’s a person you won’t regret marrying at the end of the day. So she pointed out this girl to me that was her friend on Instagram. So unconsciously, I was following her and liking all her pictures because she is a pretty woman with a lovely shape,’IK extolled his wife

And concluding the story, the award-winning actor disclosed that, ‘I left her page and later she followed me back. It was very funny because when I saw her the first thing I told my friend was I was going to marry her. That was how it started. We started talking, we met each other and after dating and courting we realised that we are almost like a twin. She can complete me, she knows every little thing I am thinking of, she knows what I am about to do next. She’s like that, she trusts me a lot and I trust her too. Basically we are all about positivity and building each other mentally and spiritually.’




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