IK Ogbonna has filed a lawsuit against an Instagram influencer Bold Pink, who accused him of being gay.

In a video she posted some few days back, Bold Pink had called out the actor for having sexual relationship with other male actors, especially the upcoming ones.

Well, it looks like the lady has bitten more than she could chew as the actor has just filed a lawsuit against her and also demanded a retraction of her statement and a public apology.

The actor wrote ;

A free platform created for promotion and marketing has given people cheap voices to speak cheaply about people’s hard earned integrity. Most of those who wants us to come out with “who we truly are”…as they claim, have themselves nothing to show to anyone.

The noises are mostly made and heard from the empty barrels. We give attention to what is of value not what takes our attention from what is of no value. And very soon, society must weed out the tares that prevent the wheat from standing out.” If u come with allegations pls come out of the closet with prove to ur allegation.

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