The Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board (LSFVCB) issued a 30-day notice for producers of audio and visual products to register their contents.

Lagos state issues

According to the Board’s Executive Secretary, Mr Bamidele Balogun, henceforth all audio and visual contents produced within Lagos state shall attract the payment of 5% levy on each item.

This new policy definitely did not go down well with some Lagosians as they have taken to their social media accounts to condemn the proposed plan.

Twitter user, @tryraisins connected the dots and tweeted that this policy came barely 24hrs after popular kids famous for remaking blockbuster movies, Ikorodubois received high-tech gadgets from Netflix.

Lagos state issues

Read some of the comments:

@IAmMrMeks: If enemy of progress was a country then it’ll be Nigeria.

@AimLEGEND_: Our government is an enemy of progress. The Lagos State govt is like that useless landlord that will not maintain the house or fix dilapidated parts, but the moment you buy a new car, fiam, he will increase your rent.

@danny_Aguele: Ikorodu bois will simply move to Ogun state and become Abeokuta Bois… E no hard naa.

Mr Bamidele ended his statement with an encouragement to producers and others in the entertainment industry to take advantage of this opening and key in to the platform, as it will be to their “benefits“.



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