A Nigerian man has taken to his social media page to mourn the sad demise of his sister who died from childbirth complications.

Sharing the sad story, the man revealed his sister waited for 5 years to have her own child and it was just too unfortunate she didn’t live to carry he own child.

His tweet reads ;

I will dedicate a part of my life saying silent prayers for pregnant women.That God should watch over them from the moment of conception until the time of delivery.We just see women deliver babies and rejoice but we have no idea the agony they go through and some don’t even die

Ceejay however revealed that the child survived ;

My nephew survived… I will tell you how sweet and lively your mummy was… How she prayed for over 5 years asking God for a child. And just when she was ready to welcome u, hug you and kiss you; God took her to heaven so she can watch over you from there…


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