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I’ll marry my mother’s age mate without a second thought if she fits into my bucket list — Actor Pitakwa

Posted by on September 13, 2020

Nollywood actor, Don Charles Mmaduka, also known as Pitakwa, has said he will marry his mom’s age mate without a second thought if she possesses the qualities he wants in a woman.

Speaking with Daily Post, Pitakwa said:

“Attraction is paramount to me in a relationship and for me, it is completely not age-dependent.

I can marry a woman in the same age bracket as my mother, I kid you not! It’s all in the attraction and I must add that I’m more mentally attracted to ladies than I am physically attracted to them; and by mental attraction, I mean a lady’s intellectual capacity,” he said.

Attraction is an emotion beyond human control. It does not matter the age and so, age shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to a beautiful relationship that could blossom into a model and happy home.

Age is just really a number to me and has nothing to do with compatibility and satisfaction for me.

A woman twice my age who fits into the descriptions in my bucket list for a life partner, I will marry without a second thought.”


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