US Astrologist says

A US-based astrologist, Claire Foster, has sparked mixed reactions on the internet over a tweet she posted about gender identity.

Taking to the microblogging platform on Tuesday, December 13, she said it should be considered illegal for parents to name their children until the child decides on the gender pronoun they want to adopt.

US Astrologist says

According to Claire who has over forty thousand followers on Twitter, children should be assigned with numbers instead of names, until they are old enough to choose their gender.

“It should be illegal to name children until they’ve decided on their gender pronouns. All babies should just be given numbers”, she wrote.

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Her tweet has stirred a barrage of comments from Twitter users, many of whom disagreed with her and wondered if she was being sarcastic.

@cryptomangZ wrote, “What a ridiculous thing to say.”

@georgeschulte wrote, “A baby with a penis is male. With a vagina it’s female. Not that hard.”

@jrctaxguy wrote, “This is a parody account, right? Surely no one in their right mind would advocate this numbers thing…”

@alphamale177 wrote, “By that same logic of yours, it is illegal to number children. Let them grow and pick the number they want or whatever they want, no…?”

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