A social activist who identifies as @OmaJim on Facebook has shared a long list that contains her greatest fear in marriage.

The lady started by sharing that one of her greatest fears is to be with an unintelligent insecure man with low self-esteem.

According to her post, it is quite difficult to find the man of her choice because a large percentage of Nigerian men are the same.

Her post read;

“One of my greatest fear in relationship and marriage is to be with an unintelligent insecure man with low self-esteem.

This combination is a gift from the devil himself.🤣
Unfortunately 8 out of 10 Nigerian 30+ men are like this… 🤣
When they see your post about not wanting certain things in a relationship, they feel angry because they know that post is actually for them.
A man that cannot express himself so he feels threatened by you that can express yourself better.
A man that can’t hold a good conversation.
A poor man…
I hope you know there is a huge difference between being poor and being broke?
Yes… I avoid poor men because everything about them will center around the trauma of lack and poverty even when they are millionaires.
Imagine being with someone who is not bright and they will be claiming “I’m the man, don’t correct me, I know what I’m doing… you’re trying to control me…”
Imagine your man in public arguing like an illiterate because he doesn’t read, his head is empty…
Imagine being with a man that doesn’t think properly,
Imagine your man coming on Facebook and having beer parlour conversations like washing machine is for lazy women…
Like conversation and opinions that only very daft, poor and uneducated people can hold, opinions that when people hear they will go to one corner and laugh at you…
And people would be like “is this what Oma finally ended up with?”
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