Infected mosquito bite has left 27-year-old Bong Thet’s leg five times its normal size, due to a terminal parasitic disease.

Thet who at a younger age aimed at becoming a footballer, is now forced to drag the swollen leg along the ground due to his condition.

Narrating his ordeal, Thet noted that the tumour developed from small wounds on his foot at age six, adding that at the time, his parents ignored because they thought he injured himself while playing with his friends.

According to him small lumps grew around his foot and completely covered his leg by the time he reached 12-years-old and the inability to afford medical treatment worsened his condition.

However, he recently met with good Samaritans who offered to pay for his treatment.

Businesswoman Dana Try gave him 10,000,000 Cambodia Riel (around £1,900) for his medical expenses and was able to visit a hospital for the first time.

After conducting a blood check-up, the doctors found that he has Lymphatic filariasis, a parasitic disease caused by thread-like worms.

The doctors said he contracted the parasites through mosquito bites which he scratched, resulting to the wounds.

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