A young Nigerian lady has advised unmarried women to have a child before the age of 30.

The lady gave this advice in a viral video, claiming that the infertility rate in Nigeria is alarming.

She then advised other young women, particularly unmarried women, to get pregnant and have a child before the age of 30.

“If you are a single lady who’s almost 30 and there is no child, there is no husband, I beg you, before you clock 30, go born. Born one pikin. Don’t let your village people laugh at you. The rate of infertility in Nigeria now is crazy and it is alarming. Try conceive o. Try make sure say you fit born.” She said in part.

Watch her speak below,

In other news, popular relationship coach, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, has averred that there was no difference between adultery and fornication.

In a series of tweets, Pst. Kingsley stated that both behaviors were abnormal as it involves sleeping with partners you aren’t married to.

He wrote;

“We can’t normalize fornication and then demonize adultery. They are one and the same, just Seperated by words or a signature
What most people don’t know is that your mind can’t draw the line between the two. Most fornicators are adulterers in training Even in scripture they are mentioned as same thing and used interchangeably.

The biggest deceit of this generation is the belief that they can get away with one and avoid the other God has not called us to celibacy but to sexual purity, anyway that is a different thread In closing let’s follow God’s advice irrespective of who is doing the opposite, man will NEVER be wiser than God Fornication is having sex with someone you are not married to, same thing with adultery”.

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