Embattled Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti, who is now being confined at the State Criminal, Investigations, and Intelligence Department, SCIID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos on the orders of the Yaba Chief Magistrate Court for attacking a police officer has been named the “General Overseer” of his cell by the prisoners.

According to Vanguard, he reportedly received a copy of the Holy Bible as a token of his authority. However, since the convicts originally rejected him, his selection as the GO wasn’t without turmoil.

Seun was ordered to be arrested by Inspector-General of Police Alkali Baba after he was seen on camera hitting a police officer on the Third Mainland bridge on May 13.

He, however, surrendered to the police on Monday, May 15, while being accompanied by his attorneys, and on Tuesday, when he was charged, the Sabo, Yaba Chief Magistrate Court ordered his remand.

According to the account, Seun’s initial shock came from the raspy, deep baritone voice of the inmate leader telling him to maintain standing when he was led to the cell to join other suspected offenders.

A problem sprang out within the cell a short while later after it was reported that the other prisoners had rejected him. The prisoners were pounding on their metal security door, demanding that Seun be removed from the cell.

According to sources cited in the story, Seun began pleading for quiet as the inmates’ outcry became louder. At that point, he realized that the disturbance his presence had created and the convicts’ rejection of him had received little to no attention from the police guards. He apparently pledged to provide them N25,000 at that time, and he was ordered to present it right away. He had to beg for a phone in order to call his wife, who came right away with the money and gave it to their leader. After that, the prisoners welcomed Seun and gave him a place to sit down.

Seun apparently became so enraged by the unpleasant events that had occurred that he refused to eat any of the food that was served to him, including food that his wife brought. The hunger strike lasted for over a day and a half before he began eating.

The drama’s conclusion Came when the prisoners subsequently named him the cell’s General Overseer and gave him a bible. That indicates that he is currently leading the prisoners in prayer whenever the situation calls for it, at which point they would all chant, “GO, GO.”

Ascending the steps to the office of the responsible Deputy Commissioner of Police, Waheed Ayilara, on Friday afternoon, Seun was apparently observed holding the Bible securely in his left hand. Later, he was taken back into the cell after descending the steps.

Sources revealed that the singer’s elder brother Femi, other family members, his attorneys, and a few  friends have all paid the musician a visit.

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