Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla, has penned a heartwarming message to her mother on her 45th birthday.

Iyabo Ojo clocks 45 today, December 21, and her daughter, Priscilla, took to social media to celebrate her, highlighting forty-five (45) reasons she loves her.

She praised her mother for being beautiful, intelligent, strong, selfless, real, and a host of other traits.

Read her full reasons below.

“Dear mom @iyaboojofespris 45
45 reasons why I love you
1. You’re beautiful
2. You’re a star
3. You’re caring
4. You’re wonderful
5. You’re a fantastic actress
6. You’re beautiful on the inside and out
7. You’re finer in real life
8. You’re a real one
9. You’re a great mother
10. You love your family
11. You’re sexy
12. You’re smart
13. You’re very funny
14. You’re a giver
15. You’re very welcoming
16. You don’t look down on anybody
17. You’re strong
18. You’re the best friend anyone can ask for
19. You inspire me
20. You’re kind
21. You’re wise
22. You’re a good dancer
23. You carer for a lot of people
24. You’re aging backwards
25. You light up the room when you arrive
26. You showed me the meaning of true love
27. You’re loving
28. You’re a fantastic person
29. Your smile brightens up my day
30. You’re my idol
31. You made a lot of sacrifices, for us to be happy
32. You’re very clean & neat
33. You always fight for the right thing
34. You don’t judge
35. You Love God
36. You’re perfect
37. You’re fearless
38. You’re a very hardworking woman
39. You’re sincere and honest
40. You’re always positive about every situation
41. You’re evey humble
42. You’re trustworthy
43. You’re very supportive to others
44. You always try to uplift others
45. You’re authentic.
Happy birthday to a lady who just keeps getting younger. Thank you for filling my life with beauty and joy. I LOVE YOU MOM”.

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