Instagram influencer strips

An Instagram influencer, Karina Irby, has stripped naked to expose her bloated tummy as she tells women that it is normal be bloated sometimes.

The body positivity model who has over 1.2 million followers and shares mostly bikini photos on her page, took to Instagram to advise women who feel bad about their bodies.

Sharing an unfiltered photo of herself, Karina admitted that she felt ‘ugly, useless and exhausted’ because of her bloated tummy and couldn’t look at herself in the mirror.

She however decided to embrace her body regardless of the bulge, adding that it’s normal to be bloated and women shouldn’t be ashamed of the bloat.

Karina wrote,

“Does bloating ever get you to a point of feeling ugly, useless and exhausted? 🫤

Because for me, last night I had all those exact feels.

Even though I KNOW I’m ovulating. And I KNOW I had big lunch that my body would react too. It still got me feeling down about myself. I almost didn’t go to my workout class because I felt embarrassed by our bloated I was. Not to mention uncomfortable👎👎👎

I avoided my reflection in and out of the shower and had my back to the mirror the whole time.

One glance and I’d feel so rotten and defeated about myself.

For me, I’d call this a moment of weakness and venerability. So I kindly took a moment and remembered that EVERYONE bloats.

And most times, it doesn’t feel good for anyone. 😮‍💨

I want to own the bloat instead of the bloat owning me!

So this is me. BLOATED AF! Sometimes there’s just no hiding it physically or mentally. I’m putting it out there for anyone to see and hopefully resonate with.


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