Berbie Doll and Tasha Amos share

Nigerian socialites, Kayode Christiana better known as Berbie doll, and Tasha Amos, have debunked claims that they had an affair and contracted HIV from Lagos businessman, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, better known as IVD.

This comes after an alleged report surfaced online claiming the influencers are part of the Lekki big babes IVD cheated on his wife, Bimbo, with.

Berbie Doll

Recall that Bimbo passed away over the weekend from the burn injuries she sustained during a domestic fight with IVD who reportedly beat her up at the slightest provocation throughout their 22 years of marriage.

Following her death, an old video where Bimbo claimed her husband was HIV positive was shared online, and it was also alleged that IVD is a serial cheat.

Tasha Amos

After the popular car dealer’s HIV status became known to the public, a report naming some of the ladies IVD allegedly had an affair with and infected with HIV surfaced online.

Instagram influencers, Berbie Doll, Tasha Amos, and one Nelly, were accused of sleeping with IVD.

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Reacting to the damning allegation, Berbie Doll and Tasha Amos have cleared their names, and even went as far as sharing their HIV test result to further refute the rumour.

See the negative test results below,

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