Human rights activist, Israel Joe has accused an unidentified well-known prophet from Warri of pursuing him in an unwelcome same-sex relationship.

According to Mr. Joe, the prophet had been calling and talking to him often for about three months and had been showing interest in starting a relationship.

Mr. Joe decided to speak out against the prophet’s alleged acts, calling him a “gay prophet,” and that he had heard of similar occurrences involving the religious leader allegedly preying on young guys.

He wrote;

“There is this gay prophet in Warri who specializes in asking young men out. In one or two occasions, his actions has been reported to me but I find it not necessary to respond,” he wrote.

He started chatting me up about three months. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t need to go far on a chat, for me to determine your end intent. I asked him if he knew I am a psychologist by training, but the man didn’t even picked the reason for my question so I started ignoring him.

For about three months, he kept calling and chatting me. On Monday this week, he opened up that he wanted a relationship with me. Trouble we e dey sleep wen wahala wan wake so.

I called him straight and told him, I have the capacity to mess him up in a rugged way, arrest him and still drag him on social media. That very Tuesday, the next day, I told him about all his movements, where he went to take lunch, places he parked and areas he visited.

He was surprised because at that point, the vulnerable homósexuaI prophet knew that with such itinerary, if I had given the permission he would get seriously hurt, but not me, I won’t do that.

I know he is reading this because he is here on this space. Slippers get size na. Who dey manage two car get mind they ask out fellow man wen e get three cars, rich pass am 10 times and wen e fit destroy e career in minutes.

If I post his conversation and disgusting voicenote, it will look like antagonising Christianity which I will never do. This is his last warning.”

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