Popular Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi has spoken up about being left out of the nominations for the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) 2023 despite his lead role in the movie, Anikulapo.

Recall that during the 2023 edition of the AMVCA event, Anikulapo received 16 nominations in 15 categories but Kunle made none.

Addressing the issue during an interview on the TV show ‘Your View’, Kunle Remi stated that the snub did not affect his worth or fame.

“I fall into the category of the none nominated artists, it is a new category. It is not my show, its their show. I like the fact that the world spoke, people spoke but we can’t have the answers to that, only them have the answers. But for me it doesn’t reduce my value, it doesn’t make me less of a screen God.
Anikulapo which is what people were expecting still broke the record it broke, still number one watched language film next to Squid Game globally. I put in the work, I saw the efforts and I didn’t do that because of the award, I did it because it was a challenge and it is such a privilege to play that character and we would never forget Saro, I think that’s the greatest award.”

Watch the interview below,

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