A Nigerian Instagram user, @samcol_official1 has aired his concerns in a video on the ongoing paternity fraud fiasco in the country.

In recent times, the social media space has been buzzing with news on how unfaithful wives give bastard children to their husbands, and the latter taking care of them until several years later when the secret eventually gets leaked.

The worst hit of this paternity fraud pandemic seems to be Nigerian celebrities whose news of not being biological fathers to their children pervades the internet.

It is to this effect the man in this video passionately drops his take on the issue. He says,

“It is high time the govt made DNA test free and compulsory, any woman found guilty should face 25 years in prison. This is getting too much…”

Here are the comments of fellow netizens to his outcry:

@ivor.y548: I am in support my brother, you are very correct 💯

@drizzy.deluxe_: 😢😢 I rather do dna than naming ceremony

@forever_a_believer1: Paternity fraud should be as serious as R@pe case!

@bl_essing5566: Fear who no fear woman 💔

@brendanukagod: Even if a child looks like you Go for that DNA test brother. A child looks like whoever is buying them food!! Save yourself!!!

@mu.ller3944: This thing is not about government should make it free ,, I think it’s 500k and gather money for DNA instead of naming ceremony. period

Click on his video below,

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