Oderhwo Joseph Efe popularly known as Carter Efe and his fiancée, Isabella were in a recent interview where the his handsomeness was called into question.

Isabella was asked by the interviewer if she thinks her fiancé is a cute man. She responded by saying,

“Let me tell you something, when this guy dresses up and he’s about to leave the house, I’m scared that ‘babe please don’t let them take you away from me’. This guy is cute. Do you know it pains me when I see comments like ‘this guy wowo o’. It’s the angle of the camera, he’s not ugly.”

Carter Efe was seen blushing as his woman went on to compliment his questionable looks. Truly, his clownish costume and the angle of the camera in his videos often play down his looks.

Netizens however think this is a case of ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ as people classify him under the not-too-good-looking category.

Despite most netizen’s disbelief, the fiancée’s response melted the hearts of some as one said, “if my girlfriend cannot hype me like this, I don’t want.”

Another by the name @Onyebuchi Chisom Precious remarks, “Carter is a foine man, ashwally…. If he wasn’t a comedian.. I mean, if he was into a more “serious” career, maybe, just Maybe, people would have seen him on a better note”.

Do you think he is truly handsome or those were an attempt at flattery?


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