Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, has criticized her partner for not asking her to marry him despite setting a Guinness World Record and preparing a variety of dishes for him.

She bemoaned the fact that the man hasn’t proposed despite her best attempts to win his heart for life in a viral video.

In her words;

“Is there a reason why even after breaking the world record this man has still not proposed to me. I have been making different meals waiting for him to propose to me. I have made ofada in fact that’s juice for another day.

“I honestly feel like this is audacity at its height, because why? I’ve done everything now. What more do you want from me, oga? And he still doesn’t want to propose.”

Reacting to the video, Funmilayo wrote; “Boya you should propose, the violent taketh it by force 😂😂”

Triple wrote; “Please if he’s not ready my brother is available biko”

Watch the video below,

@hildabaci On todays episode of what i made for my future husband we are not quitters so we move feel free to ask your questions in the comment section #foodtiktok #recipe #riceandbeans ♬ original sound – Hilda Baci

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