Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has disclosed that he told his parents to choose how they wish to die following the outbreak of coronavirus in Nigeria.

Bisi Alimi who disclosed that many Nigerians think coronavirus is a fluke, said he called his parents last night and told them to choose how they wish to die; alone in isolation or with their children around them.

His facebook post reads ;

Last night I called my parents and say something a child shouldn’t say, I told them they can choose how they wish to die; alone in isolation or with their children around them.

I know this is not really a nice thing to say, but I have to say it cos we live in extraordinary time.

When I called, my dad was out and I was upset. He is over 80 and my mum 70.

He fought in the war. He is a restless being like my husband and I knew staying indoor will hard for him.

I do mean really hard for him.

When he got back I called again and told them of the situation in Europe and that was when it became clear to me that social media is a bubble, there are many Nigerians (majority) who still think this is a fluke though they are equally scared.

I told my parents that for once life is giving them a choice on how they wish to die (this will seem extreme but it is not)

If they refused to stay at home and catch the virus, considering their age and vulnerability, they are unlike to survive it, but that’s not the deal, the deal is, they will die in isolation with no one to wish them goodbye.

However if they stay in and don’t allow visitors, they have a choice that when death comes, they will have their children by their side to bid them good bye.

This message applies to everyone, most especially my Nigerian friends, I know it is hard and it is going to be challenging but please STAY AT HOME!



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