Famous crossdresser, James Brown is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter NG after he had his sex tape released from an anonymous source.

The content creator, whose sexuality has always been under scrutiny because of his dressing and pronouns, was captured having sexual intercourse with a woman in the released sex tape.

The exposure of his sex tape did not in any way deter James Brown, instead he came out to publicly denounce being gay and remind everyone that he had a girlfriend.

Watch the video below ;

His video has sparked reactions from netizens. Read some here:

@jaynaijablog wrote “What if James Brown leaked his video himself to tell Nigerians he is ready to be a man now 🤔”

@_asiwajulerry wrote “James Brown and Bobrisky are just using LGTV to Cashout, James brown wey even look like Pesin wey go like punah too much 😂😂”

@olamide0fficial wrote “James Brown is just using cross dressing to garner fans and make money. He saw an opportunity and capitalized on it. We live in a world where people will play any card just to fool people and cash out big time. Na mumu dey believes everything on the internet.”

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