Chocolate city Rapper, Jesse Jagz has surprisingly admitted he hasn’t seen the four walls of a church since 2007.

During an interview with Entertainment Express on September 2, the rapper stated that he has not been to church in 8 years. “I have not been to church in eight years and this is the first time I am saying this”

The 31 year-old rapper’s parents are rooted deeply in church work. His father is Pastor Chris G. Abaga, the Founder of Chris Abaga Ministries and his mum Mrs Lydia Abaga is a gospel artiste and counselor.

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“Well, I think it is because I believe that education doesn’t only exist within the boundary of school, education is a separate thing on its own. Same way, God does not just exist only in religious institutions, He exist on His own” – Said Jesse

Jesse Jagz also explained his relationship with God. “Growing up in church and all that..I have come to realize that a relationship with God is what is most important. Church might/ can be defined in so many other ways but as long as God and you is okay…whether you are a Buddhist or whatever. Yeah, I believe God exist but it is we human beings that take religion thing.”

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