Uti Nwachukwu

Media personality, Uti Nwachukwu, has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts about Jesus Christ and how he would have been treated if he was a Nigerian in these times.

Uti Nwachukwu

According to him, he would have been labeled a fetish man, an enemy of progress, and some people would have burnt him alive for preaching the truth.

He asserted that Christians would have placed their “mummy and daddy G.Os” above him because of the “chains of religious conditioning & spiritual blindness/Laziness” that is plaguing Nigerians.

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“The older I get in this country, the deeper I understand the story of Christ.
His own people killed HIM just because he spoke the truth to set them free o!
Of course the truth also threatened the business and political gains of the church

We are no different In this country. If Jesus was a Nigerian in these times, they would have labeled him a Jazz Man and enemy of progress.

Society would have put tyres on him and burned him while exalting their Daddy and Mummy G.O’s that preach prosperity and threaten all who speak against them.

I hope the person/people wey do us this thing consistently turn in their graves until Nigerians are broken free from the chains of religious conditioning & spiritual blindness/Laziness!

U can deny the truth, hate it, attack it all you want, But Life will always humble U to accept it at some point.

The new threat now is MONEY.
If Jesus were Nigerian in these times,majority would not have listened to him cos in their heads, na only who get money fit tell them wetin make sense.
How dare a poor man speak sense! How dare a poor man teach us how to think& set our minds free! Lol

Not thinking that if Jesus wanted to be the biggest Job man,He had the Charisma&Wisdom plus spiritual influence to manipulate any and everyone into sowing, thereby making him one of the Richest in the World.

Instead he chose LOVE. Wow!
He was God, yes, But HE BECAME MAN! for us

So if this country is ever going to change, lt’ll have to start from how the average person here thinks and what they have been taught to respect.

If not the experience would be recycled with every generation.

God help us.”

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