Infinix Valentine Sales Promo

To be a customer is good, but being an Infinix customer is better. Just a few weeks after Infinix rewarded 7 lucky customers with 1 million Naira each, they are at it again. This time, to reward customers in its Valentines Sales Promo.

Flowers and chocolates are already hitting our faces left and right in this special season of love. It could be a struggle to decide what special something to get that special someone to celebrate a special day. Creating memorable moments and an unforgettable celebration is quite crucial to many people. Infinix can make it easier for you when you purchase a device from any authorized retail store.

 Infinix Valentine Sales Promo

Instead of worrying too much about how to create a perfect dinner to create the most memorable date, you could do one of the following and win one for you and your date instead:

Offline Purchase: You can qualify for a romantic valentine package when you buy any Infinix device from our recommended retail stores. You would get a raffle ticket to be filled and dropped with the sales promoter in any of the stores.
Online Purchase: You can equally qualify when you purchase any Infinix device from our e-commerce platform via this link.

Once you make a purchase online or offline, post the proof of your purchase on social media and tag the person you would like to be your valentine using the hashtag #ValentineWithInfinixAndXpark.

The lucky couples in this promo get to win a romantic valentine package, a spa, dinner and a room at a luxury hotel. And when you think about it, it’s a win-win on all sides. You get a cool device to help you live an intelligent lifestyle, and you get to go on a fully-sponsored special date with that special someone. That’s a memorable valentine guaranteed. What’s not to love?

This offer is valid only till the 9th of February 2022. So, purchase an Infinix device and start posting now for a chance to be one of the winning couples!

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