Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, on Monday at the Harvard University, accused former President Goodluck Jonathan of not being interested in the defeat of violent Islamist group, Boko Haram, during his time in government.

Osinbajo who was delivering a lecture titled, “The unraveling of Boko Haram and the rebuilding of the North-East of Nigeria” said it was convenient for the last administration to claim that Boko Haram was sponsored by northern elite to rubbish the administration led by Jonathan, a Christian, the Punch newspapers reports.

In the statement which was released by his media office, Osinbajo said the former ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party claimed All Progressive Congress (APC) was the political wing of the Boko Haram sect. According to him, this continued until President Muhammadu Buhari was nearly killed in an attack in Kaduna before the narrative began to subside.

He said, “As the government dithered and equivocated, BH proceeded to realise the objective of occupying territory and establishing Islamist states in Nigeria and in the Lake Chad basin.

“In Borno State alone, it occupied and hoisted its flag in 20 of the 27 Local Government Areas that constituted the state. In Adamawa State, BH took Mubi and some villages in Yobe State.”

Osinbajo said what exposed the government’s inept handling of the Boko Haram insurgency to the world was the kidnap of over 200 Chibok school girls by the sect.

He noted that since Buhari took over office, the government has approached the insurgency in the North East with renewed vigor, adding that the strongest reasons for Buhari’s victory in the March 2015 presidential election was the expectation that going by his reputation as a no-nonsense soldier, he would defeat Boko Haram and restore peace to the North-East.

According to him, Buhari was largely elected into office because people believed that he would bring to play his no-nonsense attitude toward dealing with the insurgency.



  1. He has 100% interest but just that you people were behind the boko boys just to make sure he leave the seat for you people now he has gone instead of u to fulfill the promises you people make you are there blaming the man whom we enjoyed his time well keep blaming him while your tenure runs out fake pastor

  2. Please don’t let infants to talk to you. I know you have not giving thanks to God for seeing this great new month, Where were you wen your oga demolished Church in Aso Rock? Remember you have a question to answer for that alone.

  3. jonathan didn’t fight boko haran because he was controlling the economic of the country. BUHARI government is now send chibouk girls abroad free scholarship fighting boko haram living the country out economically zero causing more dearth rat.

  4. Did he just say Boko Harams?
    Who are the Boko haram leaders if not APC??
    Yhu put up stories here and there jst to paint Goodluck Jonathan black and bleu
    bt the whole world knows GEJ is better than Buhari bcos he always had the masses at heart..
    He did all his possible best to better the country bt failed bcos he was surrounded by fake and greedy people…
    You knew how to conque Boko Harams bt didnt bring up d ideas when u werent in power,does that make u a good Nigerian?

  5. Osibanjo or whatever you called yourself bear it in mind that your days are numbered you and that ingrate that called himself President just very soon that seat will be too hot for both of you and remember that seat you both are enjoying now belongs to the dead so be care full.

  6. Talk about recession and leave boko haram,bcos u have not defeated boko haram.Osinbajo u are trying to pls ur boss,Buhari.Name just one effective contribution u have made in this ur focusless and lack of creative policy in this govt,that is causing economic backwardness,hardship and lawlessness as a swegbe SAN wen u bi.Osinbajo stop talking attacking Jonathan,bcos u are a boy to Jonathan in any level u would find urself.Jonathan is more u and Buhari,the whole APC govt.So,u and Buhari should defeat boko haram first before u accuse Jonathan,ok.Just keep quiet and face the reccesion that u and ur illiterate boss cause in this country,stupid man.

  7. In all the political parties today whether opposition or not, there is no political or economic value for the youths in Nigeria.

    Only God will judge our Nigerian greedy politicians. (MK FORMULA…)

  8. You are a big lier, if you don’t know what to say can’t you keep quiet, must you talk. Ok let me ask you Mr osibanjor, since you and your wicked buhari entered that seat. How many of the boko haram members have you pple arested alive or dead. Rather what you pple did in secret was to realise the ones Jonathan captured back to shekao whom you and buhari have killed over 5 times and he is still alive so that he can continue his work. No wonder the attack have resume to his fullness in borno again. See no matter what you come out here to say so as to cover you shame, we Nigerians know the truth. So stop deceiving your self. See you and buhari should be thinking of how to bring out this country from where 2 of you have landed us because of your senseless and stupid behaviours.

  9. Just compare the past and now than you will know the differences between who is willing to defeat the killer squad. Jonathan has more money to defeat the haramites but foolishly concentrated on his continuation project on second term. Evidence emerged from when the election was postponed to six weeks and yet he still failed woefully. Thanks to God with the change at least the Boko Haram has been defeated by 99.9%.

  10. Sire with all due respect stop saying nonsense. instead of you looking for a way to restore your faith, you are there saying all the rubbish from your mouth. we all know that buhari is the one in charge of bokoharam. Even his regime is much more better than that of you and your so called oga.

  11. If u want to criticise u talk small small cos u no holy pass my broda. MR V.P u think say nigerians go ever forgiv u n ur oga? Jona keep economy steady @ least person go fit use 1k take make small pot of soup use eba enter d soup life. But u n ur oga time now person no go fit use 5k do anytin. Hell fire wey dey wait una 2 eeeeeh for wetin una dey do us so. Don turn innocent girls to prostitute finish, boys to armed rubbers/ritualists. How wish u no be man of God, e get wetin i for tell u…

  12. Abeg oo.
    Which boko haram are you fighting oo? Cause I am confused.
    Is it the one that at random lay siege and kill soldiers or the ones who had fulfilled the plan to disorganise Jonathan’s government or the one you made unknown arrangements with to return 21 Chibok girls?
    Please, which boko haram oo

  13. Is that the condition they gave you b4 they allow into the board meeting room ?

    Talking down on GEJ ???

    Just know that you will remain a door side VP after they finish using you !

    Pastor ni !
    VP ko !

  14. Clap for urself mr committed and interested have u defeated bokoharam what about yesterday attack are they ghost?pls unfortunate pastor respect urself and stop criticizing GEJ and leave tribalism alone.

  15. Has Buhari defeat BokoHaram? Or it is because Buhari released 5 BokoHaram leaders that where arrested in Jonathan regime and only 21 chiboke girls was released as a result of the exchange. Game of shame. Leave Jonathan alone and do your own. BOMB Is still exploding but not longer new to Nigeria ooooooo

  16. Osinbajo go sleep joor.. U & Buhari when get interest to fight boko haram na which reasonable thing una don do since ? Instead of una to think of how to make Nigerians happy. U dey there dey talk nonsense. Make God punish u & president for the automatic hardship when una put us.

  17. The 21girls so far with you cannot go for any college weac expectant candidates. They couldn’t express them. VP I respect your certificates. Don’t allow the world laugh at you in the name of playing loyalty.

  18. Sometimes I really wonder what the G.O of RCCG has to say about all of this. Ws all of this a game plan or just for him to have it in record that his church produced a V.P, cos I dnt understand why they wud gladly open their door to partner with a buhari who has no other agenda than revenge, kill, and mortgage Nigeria. God deliver us from Apc and their evil madness

  19. Kai dis Hand bag, y ar u fun of Jonathan dis days? Go n contest in 2019 Whn u win as president FRN den comout n talk. My frd do de job u promise 2 do n stp talkin abt Pple tht give u mandate frm their hrt evn Whn dey knw dey’ve power 2 kip it 2 their self. Simplicity is nt stupidity!

  20. A man cannot give what he doesn’t have… The president and his Vice are totally confused from the Dept of their heart they knew it. They are like men in the middle of an ocean drowning to death pretending to be swimming. God have mercy.

  21. The truth hurts, but VP Osinbajo seems to be right. The truth is always bitter especially to losers!
    Had GEJ tackled Boko Haram as he should have, perhaps he would still be president today.

    The way boko haram spiraled out of control under GEJ is mind boggling. Given that Yar’dua did not waste time in cutting them to size. Another confirmation that GEJ purposely left them to fester was in the way the military was now able to record some victories against them 6 weeks to the election.

    When GEJ realized that the boko haram issue was going to affect him at the polls as against being an advantage, it was then he gave a marching order to the military to push them back.
    And to the surprise of many, the military that has been losing countless battles against boko haram for the past 2 years was now able to record victories against boko haram in 6 weeks. Something they have been unable to do in 2 years! Anybody that does not agree that this is fishy needs should have his/her brain properly medically examined!!.

    And we have also heard and seen documents where the fighter jets and other weapons they claimed they bought was never bought, and in some cases grounded and cannibalized equipment was delivered while the Army and Air force chiefs smiled to the banks. In many cases, the National Security Adviser used money meant to fight a war to finance PDP elections – Does this show seriousness and a commitment to defeat boko haram?

    GEJ does not know strategic planning. He got it all wrong. He thought boko haram will destabilize the major places PMB will gain votes from. When it became obvious that the exact opposite is what was going to happen, that was when they panicked, postponed the elections and then properly mobilized the military to degrade the boko haram to an extent.
    I hope you saw that Buhari did not sack the service chiefs immediately. You need to properly assess and consider the past before you can properly manage the future. He properly got a history of boko haram from them before letting them go.

    The mistakes of the past will continue to be documented in books and speeches to guide the coming generation. All the mistakes and ills of past governments of Nigeria are well documented. In fact, they have all been used as research materials at one time or the other.

    GEJ will not be an exception. All his mistakes, ill-decisions and miscalculations will also be assessed for years to come. When PMB concludes his term in office, his own records will also be there for discussion and scrutiny for years to come.
    Continue to abuse Vice President Osinbajo, it doesn’t change the fact known even to a mad man on the street that GEJ and PDP were asleep while Boko Haram thrives.

  22. but you have right?? oya defeat them!! look at this former pastor that muslim killed his fellow pastor’s wife under his nose and could not do anything but here talking about Jonathan administration, when you have being made a ceremoneir VP.


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