A journalist has taken to Twitter to share the rather inspiring story of a couple who fought all odds to be together and are now living happily ever after.

@truthfully83 on Twitter, took to his page to recount story of a young lady who neglected the advice of her friends and family, lost her well paying job in Nigeria to be with the love of her life in Ghana following a ghastly accident that left him bed-ridden for months.

Read as shared by @truthfully83 below,

A young Nigerian man who is based in Ghana, travelled home for the Christmas holidays. While in Nigeria, he met this beautiful lady, whom he fell in love with. She was skeptical, because she wasn’t too sure if he was actually single, couple with the fact, he is based in Ghana.

Reluctantly she said yes, but they should remain as friends, to know each other properly. Dude was cool with that, they kept talking until his holidays came to an end. So he travelled back to Ghana, to resume work.
While in Ghana, he text or call her on a daily basis.

They kept talking until she knew almost everything about him.
She fell in love, and the young man reciprocated. They were longing to meet each other, because they were both deeply in love. But there was a problem.
She works in Nigeria, why he works in Ghana. 8am-5pm both sides.

They both agreed to meet in December, when he will visit Nigeria next for holiday.
This was in February. They had about 10 months to make this a reality. In April that year, barely 5 moths into their long distance relationship, he had a gastly motor accident in Ghana.

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