Journalist reveals

A Syria-based journalist has revealed why he still does the dishes in his house occasionally despite having three wives.

Bilal Abdul Kareem, in a post shared via his Twitter handle, said marrying multiple wives isn’t only about sex or leadership, but service.

He said if his three wives can be committed to taking care of their children daily, then he can also wash the dishes from time to time.

Journalist reveals

He posted a photo of him in the kitchen and wrote,

“Some people think 3 wives is all about sex & being the boss. Being the leader of a large family means that I’m in service to them. Just as Prophet Muhammad was in service to his family. If my 3 Queens can take care of the kids every day then I can wash some dishes sometimes too.”

A Twitter user, who had mixed reactions about his tweet, then asked why he felt doing the dishes and caring for the kids is primarily his wives’ responsibility.

“For starters, why do you think dishwashing or caring of your own children is the wife’s job?
You seem to be portraying as if you are doing her a favor when it is your equal responsibility as a father and husband,”
he wrote.

In response, Bilal wrote,

“This is the way I see it: We have specific roles but we can help each other out when we can. For example, if there is no money or food in the house I’m not going to look at her and say, “It’s your fault!”, because it’s not. It would be my fault.”

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