Juliet Ibrahim Ushbebe

Delectable Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, was the beautiful host of comedian, Ushbebe’s “Chronicles of Ushbebe’s event” which was held last night.

The beauty donned a lovely dark blue dress which was styled by celebrity stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo AKA Swanky Jerry.

The actress had quite a backlash at a fan who said she looked older than she claims she is. She celebrated her 30th birthday but was slammed by a fan who said she looks older than 35.

The fan had commented “by their bones we shall know their age..“. She fired back at the fan saying:

“no be u who was midwife when my mother gave birth to me?!”

Juliet Ibrahim fires

Ouch… Zero chills though… Zero!

Checkout another lovely photo of the actress in her blue dress.

Juliet Ibrahim Blue

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