Actress Juliet Ibrahim says she is no longer interested in marrying a Ghanaian man after her marriage with her ex husband, Kwadwo Safo crashed a few years ago.

The award winning actress says that she struggles with African men because of their African mentality.

The mentality according to her, holds them back from dating a public figure.

“Friends of these men even jump into the equation—hastily labeling all actresses as wh*res based on what they’ve read online. And some of the men I have met actually get cold feet because of such unfounded speculations,” the actress said.

According to her, she is not over dating a black man as long as she can find one who understands her career and lifestyle.

“For me it’s not about the colour of a man’s skin but his mind. The reason why I think a white man will work for me is because their mentality fits my lifestyle and my career but if I meet a black (African) man who sits well with my wants and expectations, I will jump for it.”

– OMGGhana


  1. I personally hate a woman who brags with her outer beauty …what if she loses it in a road accident. ?? What if she loses it in diseases. ? Such a woman is a fool & with time she will live to regret everything…I.e..never boast with worldly things..I.e.wealth, beauty, hundsome etc cz u never knw the moment they shall live u…#just b thankful everyday to the owner of life..@GOD..

  2. why are these bloggers like this? Pls read jer exact words and why she said so before u comment. Don’t jist pass ur comment cus of the harsh title

  3. Buty is not a guarantee for great thinkers, so ghanaian guys if you will marry, marry great thinkers and not naive thinkers such as this one.

  4. Aaaaa u juliet u think Ghana men we fool no one will come for you cos u dnt even no hw to cook aaapuuuu,follow follow gal u think we dnt no,u will never gt marriage to any man in this world cos what u said to Gh men,any man will use u nd live.God punish u Juliet.

  5. Aaaaa look at this girl ooooo. She is not a material to keep. An sure because of her bad behaviour Ghana men use and dump.

  6. The simple fact is that you’re not a mariage product…You’re simply a “pass-time” angel…

    Ghanaian men don’t look for lazy women…That’s how our parents brought us up

  7. Guys pls don’t jux jump into conclusion and start insult sometimes information abt celebrates lyk this is at times not true…After all i learnt she is married to a Ghanaian…so find out before u start judging

  8. its either many of you didnt read what was written or u didn rilly undastand her. she has fair reasons. pls read wel bfor u comment.

  9. Why dnt u guys mind yr bizzness nd read it wel ,k legs or wat she is stil beautiful, gal go for wat u want kk even yr country guys are der liberia, go for our guys dey are even bettet dan ghana guys nd we de gals are mwaaaaaaaahhhhhh wid beauty liberia dey be no place like ma country liberia

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