It appears to be a dark start to the month of November as news have begun making rounds on social media that Migos rapper, Takeoff was shot dead in Houston.

Photos and a video shared online shows the alleged rapper laying in a pool of his own blood as people surround him in confusion and distortion.

Following the viral report, it’s alleged that the rapper met his end because of an escalated situation involving fellow rap member, Quavo and a bunch of other people they were playing a dice game with.

The screenshot of a message explaining what happened that led to the death of the rapper was shared on Twitter. Read as you scroll,

Photos that were also shared shows Takeoff in an outfit that is quite similar to the one of the person laying in a pool of blood.

Quavo as well, is also seen in an outfit identical to one of someone moving around the person laying in blood.

Watch the video that’s gone viral online,

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