Renowned rapper Kanye West is reportedly making efforts to liberate his friend and fellow artist, Lil Durk, from his current record deal.

According to sources, the 46-year-old rapper is in talks with Alamo Records, Durk’s label, to potentially purchase his contract.

The motivation behind his desire to intervene stems from a recent collaboration dispute.

West and Durk, whose real name is Durk Derrick Banks, had worked together on a track intended for West’s upcoming album, which he has been crafting in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

However, Alamo Records CEO Todd Moscowitz allegedly refused to authorize the release of Durk’s verse on the song.

The disagreement became apparent when he released a streaming version of the song “Vultures” without Durk’s verse, despite previously previewing an unfinished version on the radio that included it.

Durk responded to the cut out of the verse with humility, not being fazed by the situation.

However, neither artist has revealed the exact reason for the verse being excluded.

In an effort to resolve the conflict and ensure their collaboration sees the light of day, West is reportedly exploring the possibility of acquiring Durk’s contract from Alamo Records.

And giving Durk the freedom to pursue future artistic goals without the constraints of his current record deal.


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