The “Limpopo” crooner, in a new interview with Ife Salako of Naija FM, says he sponsored the wedding of E-Money, his younger brother, who is a prominent billionaire and businessman.

While there have been questions rising as to who is older than the other, he was asked.

Is E-Money older than you?

(Laughs) People ask me this question a lot, but the important thing is the fact that we are brothers from the same parent, but to clear the air, I am the elder brother.

So how come you are so humble and sometimes even call him boss?

Our relationship is really tight, I call it divine. Now let me shock you, I sponsored E-Money’s wedding, I used to pay our rent because I was the first to start making money in my family.

I brought light, name and fame to the family but most people don’t know the genesis and I don’t need to explain to anyone.

Watch him speak here:




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