Kemen replies TBoss sister

Yesterday, TBoss’ younger sister, Wendy took to twitter to rant and slammed the organizers of Big Brother Naija for giving Kemen the same celebrity treatment as other ex-housemates.

Wendy expressed her disgust after Kemen is being dragged along with other housemates during their special visits, events, media tour and press conference.

She noted that she feels sick adding that Nigerians keep accepting mistakes with no consequences.

“You get disqualified and still have same benefits as those that respected the game,” she said. “What are we teaching our kids? Sorry does not make things right. It does not change the mind frame of the offender.”

People ask me what I feel about TBoss around Kemen.. that question should be addressed to the higher powers. My feelings are [sick emoji].

Kemen replies TBoss sister

It should be recalled that after Kemen’s disqualification, he issued out an apology to TBoss and to all women in Africa saying he only “over-played his game”. That apology earned him more criticism from people who insisted that it was not really an apology. And now, Wendy says it is wrong for the organizers of the show to take the disqualified housemate along with the others on their trip celebrating the end of the show.

Of course, 30-year-old Wendy’s rant on twitter has stirred massive reactions across social media. Some agreed with her, while others think she needs to go take a hike as she’s just opening old wounds to stay in the news.

Kemen has since reacted to her whole rant.. His comment on one of the Instagram posts on a blog reads: “Help me tell her, she is free to do what pleases her”

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