This, my people is what I like! You just sit down in one corner with your popcorn and cold pepsi watching Grown women shade the hell of em’selves!

I like Kemi, she’s so outspoken! Lol…So, here it goes…

Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa and Kemi Olunloyo are shading each other on social media. Who started the fight? Dayo Amusa Did..

The whole drama started when Dayo Amusa made a comment on Kemi’s Video..(The Video where she gave a sound warning to Jide Kosoko’s Daughter..)


Kemi saw this of course and then called Dayo Amusa a prostitute who is dating, Jide Kosoko whom she described as a ritualist.

Two Things are involved right here..

– Kemi is accusing actress Dayo Amusa of secreting dating Jide Kosoko, who just lost his third wife.
– Kemi referred to Dayo Amusa as a prostitute.


Dayo Amusa didn’t take this lightly…and the shading begun!

– Dayo Amusa revealed Kemi is a deportee from Canada
– Dayo Amusa revealed kemi is a wanted “Crimina” in the US


She claims Kemi Olunloyo committed a crime in Canada and was deported! Oops!


…with an evidence to prove.


However, while the war of words continued, Kemi has deactivated her Instagram account..UPDAT: Her account has been reactivated back..


Kemi is still firing..





  1. I think orokemi olunloyo olosha or what did she called her self needed a beautiful punishment from ALLAH, Baba_God will send down his angry over this imported monkey that called her self kemi olunloyo because i no reason why she should be messing with ALLAH, she said all Muslims are terrorist indicated ALI-ISLAM, and very thing orokemi is a terrorist oo she commited a crime in canada before she deported from canada oo, her life has destroyed already now compete with religion of peace and as you be among of those that tarnish the image of Islam kemi omoofo olunloyo you shall never have peace

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