A 42-year-old married man recently walked out of his marriage of 13 years after his wife discovered a skeleton in his closet- he is gay.

The man who has been living with his wife and two kids at an Estate in Hurlingam had before walking out on his marriage, cheated on his wife with a string of men on escapades that had been going on for decades.

While talking to the Standard, the man narrated how he had come to love fellow men but was unable to come out of the closet for fear of public ridicule.

He got married despite his orientation and went on to have children in a bid to throw people off on his sexual preference.

When the millenium struck and the tolerance for gay relationships in Kenya grew, the man who has been identified as Collins felt the urge to have a boyfriend – which he did.

Collins who have had several relationships with fellow men was outed in 2014 when his wife stumbled on a photo of him kissing another man on social media.

His wife sent the photos to all his relatives before moving out of their matrimonial house with their two children.

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