James Khloe

It’s probable that Lamar Odom will never get a chance back into the life of Khloe Kardashian. Few years back, when the duo were married, her family had her back and at the time, it felt like she was the one with the perfect relationship, till all hell went lose.

Then she moved on and started seeing rapper, French Montana, they too had a good time. Recall that they came to Africa together for the MTV Music Awards ? Yeah! You do! She even appeared in one of his music videos, till then again, she had issues!

Now she met another world class Basketball player, who even seems to have more cred than Lamar, James Harden. The both of them have being seeing each other for a while now and just when Khloe felt things are getting better, Lamar had to show up and say he wants her back.

WTH!!! Lol… Can you imagine ?! Look at me boring you guys with a Kardashian story like that. Lol… I’m so sorry! The main ish of this post if for y’all to see that Khloe Kardashian seems to be having a good time with her new man, James Harden.

The duo were spotted sharing a kiss at his yacht birthday party which had most of Khloe’s family in attendance.

Lol! I know you guys were enjoying my story jorh! Pfft.

See photos below:

James Khloe 1

James Khloe 2

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