Viral video of young boys tinting a baby’s hair has gained traction on social media, causing netizens to condemn lack of proper parenting and also seeking for child protection service.

The video shared on TikTok revealed five young boys in a barber’s shop applying tint on the baby’s hair; one of the boys was captured putting the toddler’s hand behind to avoid distraction while the others focus on applying the tint.

As the video circulates online, many have tackled the irresponsible act of the boys, stating that hair tinting for a toddler, whose scalp is still tender can be detriment to her health because of the hazardous chemical in the product.

The viral video had attracted the attention of Internet users, generating mixed reactions. While some seek the attention of child protection service and the police, others emphasized on the irresponsible and nonchalant act of parents.

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@supermodela This is what happens when you leave them kids to be raising kids when they’re still kids.😢😢😢 Asides from child abuse , this is risky health -wise . The Baby’s scalp is still developing and they’re used harsh chemicals to dye her hair . May God help them!

@gaviesglam What? This is child abuse. Child protection services need to look into this

@ibekwevictoria Where is the mother or real parents of this baby? Everyone here has to go to jail including the parents.

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