Some mother-shamers flooded reality TV star and model, Kim Kardashian’s comments section after she shared a photo of herself and daughter, North who was clad in a bikini.

The mother shamers chided her for putting the little in a bikini – some of her followers found the swimsuit “inappropriate” for a 5-year-old.

Kim Kardashian blasted

“That swimsuit is a bit inappropriate for a little girl in my opinion!” complained one commenter.

“Why is your child showing that much skin?” read another comment. “I get that [it’s] a swimsuit but c’mon.”

“Aren’t kids that age supposed to wear one-pieces,” someone else remarked.

“Just in terms of not letting your child be too grown. Like not letting them wear lipstick at that age either. It’s cute when they’re a baby but get a kid a one-piece. … It’s not Kim’s fault. She just doesn’t know.”

But Kardashian’s fans were quick to defend her, telling critics to stop judging her parenting. Many also said that mommy shamers were the ones sexualizing North.

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