Dare and Kim

Dare Art Alade was one of the most talked about celebrities during the Valentine season in 2014. The super R&B star, in February that year, brought one of the most famous celebrities in the world, Kim Kardashian, to Nigeria.

It’s no news of how she was said to not have lasted 45 minutes in the country, but new reports says that she lasted for almost a day. This is according to Dare Art Alade, who said, in an interview with Sunday Sun, that she granted an exclusive interview with a media platform.

When the singer was asked about Kim posing nude and all, he said when he brought here to the country, she didn’t take off her clothes.

According to him:

Dare Art Alade & Wife Celebrates 8th Wedding Anniversary Today.

She didn’t take her clothes off when I brought her. Let’s discuss it in context. Her coming here was to play a certain role which she did so effortlessly. Those that didn’t understand her job description would say that she was here for 45 minutes. Why will somebody come all the way from America to Nigeria for 45 minutes? First of all, she spent about a day here and also granted an exclusive interview with a media platform.
Could she have done that within 15 minutes? We didn’t promote her as everybody’s role model when we brought her. We simply said Red Carpet Show with Kim Kardashian. Apart from the fact that she is a stylist by profession, she is famous for a plethora of reasons. She is into cosmetics, has a clothes line and is into perfumes. Now you can tell me whether she’s a role model or not. She could be a role model depending on what you choose to idolize about her. When you say she’s taking off her clothes everywhere, remember that she’s married and has people that give her permission to that. Bringing her here was purely a business decision. If you ask me whether I’m okay with her posing nude, that’s a totally different question.

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