Kim Kardashian says she regrets not dating Kanye West earlier than when they started dating.

The reality star – who is expecting her second child with her Rapper Husband – Kanye West – had claimed their relationship is completely different than her previous marriages to Damon Thomas and Kris Humphries, and they should have move past friends zone sooner.

Kim told the July issue of America’s Glamour magazine:

“You know, the first one, I was a teenager, I was like, ‘Oh s**t, my parents are going to kill me.’ That was the thought that was going through my head – just young and dumb

“Second time, you know, it’s not even in the same sentence. There’s just something [now] where I feel I’m so equal with my husband, like, ‘This is my best friend.’ And I think it helps that we were friends for so long and knew each other for almost 10 years.”


Kim says she “went through so many mistakes that must have hurt Kanye” before they started dating in April 2012.

She admitted their friendship moved into a romance after everything “clicked” and she decided to move on.

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