Lekan Akanbi, the prime suspect in the murder of a former employee of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Kehinde, his wife, Bukola, and their son on New Year’s Day in Ogun State, has confessed to the heinous crime.

Lekan, who was the driver of the deceased family, while being paraded before newsmen on Friday, February 10, said he arranged the killing because the couple refused to increase his salary and grant him a loan.

He said that he and his gang members killed the family after forcing them to transfer N1,102,000.

According to him, he started working with the couple in 2010 without a salary increase, and several attempts to convince them to increase his salary failed.

The suspect explained that he then invited two others, Ahmed Odetola, a.k.a. Akamo, and Waheed Adeniyi, aka Koffi, to join him in the robbery.

He claimed that, contrary to reports that he picked up the couple from the church after the crossover night, he left their house hours before the service and returned with his gang to ambush them.

Lekan said his gang attacked the couple immediately they entered the house, and he was able to restrain an Alsatian dog at the gate because he was familiar with the animal and usually fed it.

“We forced the husband to transfer money from his account to the Kuda Bank account of Ahmed Adetola, but the transfer failed. Since that failed, I gave the deceased my Access Bank account, to which the sum of N1,102,000 was transferred at gunpoint.

“When I realised that my identity had been known through my bank account, I decided with others to terminate their lives. That was when Waheed Adeniyi, aka Koffi, took a knife from their kitchen and slaughtered the husband, Kehinde Fatinoye, while I used a sledgehammer to hit the wife, Bukola Fatinoye, in the head and she died on the spot,” he said.

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