Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has slammed the newly elected Vice-president of the United States, Kamala Harris.

ffk slams kamala

The politician labelled Kamala as a “Jezebel” and said her presidency is “satan’s”. He also alleged that the president-elect, Biden is just a puppet as his presidency is Kamala’s and he is just a smoke screen.

ffk slams kamala

FFK, who is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump made this strong assertions via his verified Twitter account.

He tweeted,

I know Jezebel when I see her. Look into Kamalla’s eyes.
Kaballa + Kundalini= Kamalla.
Biden is a puppet and a smokescreen.
A Biden presidency is a Kamalla Presidency.
A Kamalla Presidency is satan’s Presidency.
May God deliver.

FFK has come under fire by Twitter users for his statement. See some of the reactions below,

@dolapoomotayo wrote,

You need special deliverance.
“I recommend a combined session from MFm and Lord’s chosen first. This should be followed by a bath by the river from Cele + Kerubu
Then end it with a holy slap from David Oyedepo”

@KingChifoo wrote,

“You know Jezebel when you see one yet you fell for many of them in your marriages???. May God deliver you.”

@Olu_Dgenge wrote,

“Sometimes I think there is a question mark on the sanity of this man. He just like to say something when it’s not actually needed. Make you get brain Sir. Beautiful nonsense”

@omambalab wrote,

“Take down this disrespectful tweet; it’s beneath you as an adult.
Being that you’ve been thrice married unsuccessfully, you’re in no position to talk about identifying Jezebels.”

@AgohPaul wrote,

“A man who can’t keep a wife, talkless of supporting one to be Vice President of the “neighborhood wives Association” is talking down on the Vice President of the most powerful country in the world….”

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