Nigerian professional dancer, Korra Obidi, has spoken for the first time since her husband, Justin Dean, announced that he’s divorcing her.

A few days after the dancer gave birth to their second child, Athena, the father of two, announced on his Instagram page that he is divorcing her.

Korra’s sister, Nancy Umeh, also confirmed that the couple, who have been married since 2018, are going through a rough patch in their relationship, and urged their fans to pray for them.

Speaking on why he’s divorcing his wife, the heartbroken husband stated that his wife cheats on him and uses his family against him whenever he doesn’t do as she says.

However, Korra, during a Facebook live, assured her fans that she’s fine. She thanked them for reaching out and for their concern.

The mother of two, who noted that it took a lot of strength to make the video, said her priority now is herself and her newborn.

“So, I’m gonna be one hundred per cent committed to taking care of my newborn and myself,” she said.

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  1. Are the accusations true or not? As far as I am concerned, she said nothing. While bedroom matters should not be made public. Making light weight of marital vows is not an acceptable matter, and silence or avoidance in this case, is concurrence. I feel an overwhelming sense of disgust

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