Kylie Jenner 40

I think it was just last month I reported that she hit 30 million followers. Nah… Prolly two months ago, but either ways, her fan base keeps on growing higher by the day!

18 Year Old reality tv star, Kylie Jenner, took to her Instagram page today, to share some raunchy, steamy photos of herself as she hits 40 million followers on Instagram.

She shared the photos and wrote:

40 million followers???!!!!!!!!!! Wow. That’s a whole lot of people. I put up an exclusive @sashasamsonova shoot in honor of my dope a*s fans only on and on my app.”

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The controversial tv star is 9 million followers behind her step-sister, Kim Kardashian who currently is at 49 million followers.

The celebrity with the highest number is Taylor Swift with 52 million.



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